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The future of frictionless cashback

Benfits of Upside

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    Frictionless rewards

    Upside offers people cashback in exchange for their data. Once connected, your users’ experience is effortless

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    360º data insights

    We analyse banking transaction data and deliver strategically valuable insights via reports and APIs

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Upside enables incremental revenue while providing sophisticated insights built on Open Banking data.

A simpler cashback experience

In exchange for Open Banking data, we reward your users when they spend with participating retailers. When your users earn cashback, you earn revenue.

Users’ cashback rolls into a wallet that’s embedded within your website or app. No referral links, no cookies, no voucher codes.

You can make this cashback redeemable against goods or services within your website or app, or allow users to withdrawal the cash.

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Genuine transaction data

Upside users connect their bank accounts, which allows the platform to analyse their banking transactions and up to 36 months’ historical data.

Spending data is analysed to provide anonymised actionable insights, without breaching customers' trust.

These insights reveal spending habits and behavioural patterns which identify new opportunities.

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Other Upside features

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    We don’t use cookies to track our users' spending activity.

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    First party data

    We collect data directly from our users, with full consent.

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    We are fully compliant with GDPR.

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