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Reward your customers using real-time spend data and genuine buyer behaviour

Engage and reward your loyal customers

Identify the right people, at the right time to shift spending towards you and away from competitors, while building brand loyalty

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    True omni-channel insights

    Unprecedented insight into online and offline campaigns, allowing you to intelligently analyse purchase data and affinity spend insights.

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    Attract genuinely new customers

    Every Upside user has a verified bank account. This means no more bots or duplicate customer accounts.

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    Uncover your wallet share

    Compare your performance against competitors using real-time insights based on customers’ Open Banking transactions.

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    Next-level customer loyalty

    By continuing to directly reward customers, you reduce churn, increase AOV and frequency of spend, for a lower marketing cost.

Rich data insights

36 months’ customer banking transactions gives us insights into where customers spend their disposable income alongside behavioural patterns which can identify new marketing opportunities.

Compare your performance against your competitors on average order value, frequency of shop, category and wallet share.

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Boost campaign wins new and lapsed customers

  • 251% Increase in orders
  • 230% Increase in revenue
  • 46% Growth in active customers

Upside ran a 12% “welcome back in-store” boost for a popular sports and leisurewear brand, which saw an increase in orders and revenue, re-engaging 13% of lapsed customers.

Florist sees increase in revenue

  • 251% Increase in orders
  • 46% Growth in active customers
  • 13% Lapsed customers re-engaged

A 10% Mothers’ Day cashback campaign for a florist sees a 251% increase in orders compared to the previous year. Taking annual growth into account, that’s an 122% uplift in orders.

Supermarket re-engages lapsed customers

  • 18% Median basket growth
  • 12% Lapsed customers re-engaged
  • 7% Rise in active customers

Upside ran a week-long 2% cashback boost for a leading supermarket chain. Once the boost was over, 100% of new customers continued to make purchases at the supermarket.

Food delivery service increases frequency of spend

  • 18% Lift in monthly spend
  • 12% User base growth
  • 5% Rise in wallet share

A 5% cashback campaign for a popular takeaway delivery service saw customers change their takeaway buying behaviour from an occasional treat into more of a staple.

Greeting card company acquires new customers

  • 50% Higher average order value
  • 40% Lift in active customer base

Noticing that 62% of a popular greeting card company’s customers hadn’t sent a card in the last 3 months, a 5% Upside cashback campaign both acquired new and re-engaged lapsed customers.

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Hyper-targeted campaigns

Acquire new customers from your competitors through high-confidence targeting based on affinity spending habits.

Identify spending patterns within wider trends, then adjust your campaigns and directly track outcomes.

You can even see when a customer hasn't shopped with you recently and run campaigns to win them back, driving incremental revenue.

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Upside can help capture the 'occasional shopper' and turn them into loyal customers

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Ex-Retail Executive and CEO at Wovn

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