The following steps outlines how to link your UK bank account:
You can link multiple bank accounts with Upside and we can support the vast majority of UK banks

On first Registration

On the Time to link your bank account screen
Tap on Link my bank
you will now be redirected to our Open Banking Partner Plaid, who assist us to link your account via OpenBanking
tap on the logo of your bank in the list - Alternatively, enter your bank's name in the "Search" box

You will be asked to give explicit consent for Upside to Link your UK bank account to your Upside Account
Enter your credentials for your chosen bank - Upside does not have access to your login credentials nor is anything stored on our servers
You will now be presented with a list of all your accounts
Choose which account(s) you want to link with Upside by tapping on the account and click "Continue". Please note that you can link more than one account from you bank

Your bank account(s) have now been successfully linked with Upside.
Tap "Back to Upside"

Linking another bank account

On the Time to link your bank account screen
Tap on Link another bank
Follow - the linking flow as outlined in On first registration

Having issues linking a bank account?

From time to time, there can be several factors that affect our users when attempting to link a bank account to Upside such as:

Planned work to upgrade or fix issues at the Bank or Open Banking Partner
The version of the Banking app you are using
The version of Apple's iOS you are using

Often the best thing to do is to get in touch with us via a live chat which you can access via the ? symbol in the App and then the Talk to Us button. You can also access the a live chat via the home page of our website (

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