I'm passionate about helping people unlock the value from their data. For too long has our data been exploited and turned into advertising back to us without direct benefit to us. But changing this is a long journey and requires participation by the companies that buy those ads, Retailers.

Here are some thoughts as to why Retailers should care about a new better way to speak to their customers:

"The future of finance is an open one, that much is clear. Already transforming the way we control our finances and pay for products and services, Open Banking shows great potential to disrupt financial services while creating a prominent market opportunity.
Open Banking allows consumers to share their spend data. Everything from individual bank transactions, to regular payments they make and companies they buy from, can be shared with authorised providers. Budgeting apps are one example of Open Banking where consumers share their spending data in exchange for a summary of where they spend their money, gaining value from the data exchange. Open Banking is undoubtedly revolutionising the banking and finance industry, but why should retailers care?
An even better example of using Open Banking to unlock value for consumers would be the voluntary exchange of spending data for cashback as they spend with specific retailers. Insights obtained from this spend data are a game changer for the retail industry. Access to the spend data insights from individual and collective customers provides numerous opportunities for retailers, such as competitive advantages, prospects for strategic business development and cost savings."

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