The Upside service explained

Upside will provide the following services to our users (Upsiders)

For our Upsiders
As an Upsider, there is no charge for the app and can be downloaded FREE from your respective app store
Below is an explanation of our services and the associated service and transaction fees:

- This service is provided FREE of charge to Upsiders
- Auto-Cashbacks are dynamic amounts that are earned by you as you continue shopping normally at your favourite stores
- These Cashbacks are identified and calculated from your OpenBanking data and then paid into your Upside Account
- There are no transaction fees associated with Cashbacks and in short - the more financial accounts you connect, the more data is available for you to earn savings

In Summary, the more accounts you link to your Upside App via OpenBanking, the more money you will save

For Upside Partners

If you are interested in** becoming part of our ever increasing network** of Upside saving partners, please get in touch by either:

talking to us via the Website chat function and/or
emailing Upside with the subject: Joining the Upside Partner Scheme

Please see our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for a detailed outlined of terms and conditions associated with our services.
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