The following outlines why you need to provide authorisation for Upside to access your banking transaction data?

OpenBanking is a secure way for our customers (Upsiders) to share their banking transaction information.
This enables Upside to assist you to make the most of your money by finding lost money and helping you save.

When registering for an Upside account:

You link your bank account, and as such
You give explicit consent to share your transaction data with Upside for
a period of 90 days

This duration is stipulated by law and currently, every 90 days or which ever comes first, we are legally required to "refresh" your authorisation consent.
This can happen if:

You make changes to your security details at your bank, which may then require Upside to ask you re-authorise your account
If your bank changes the way it implements their security measures, or
If your banking credentials at your bank becomes locked or blocked

What happens when you near the 90 day limit? (Re-Authorisation)

Approximately 7 days before your authorisation expires (known as PENDING_EXPIRATION)
We will notify you that your authorisation is about to expire and
give you the option to re-authorise your linked accounts
to ensure their is no disruption to you saving money

Please Talk to us if you have any further questions or are not sure how to proceed with providing OpenBanking authorisation.
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