What is Auto-Cashback and how does it work?

Auto-Cashback is money (Upsides) we identify or find for you on a daily basis
The amounts that you receive are dynamically calculated daily based on the percentage cashback offer Upside has secured with your favourite brands
The cashback amounts are identified and calculated from your OpenBanking data linked in your Upside app as you shop at these brands
The cashback amounts are then paid into your Upside account as savings every day, providing there is a cashback offer running

How much does Auto-Cashback cost?

This service is provided FREE of charge to Upsiders and does not incur any costs or service fees

In Summary, the more accounts you link to your Upside App via OpenBanking, the more money you will save

Please see our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for a detailed outlined of terms and conditions associated with our services.
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