Cashback Exclusions Explained

When is cashback excluded?

Upside aims to pay cashback or 'Upside' on all purchases you make with our partners.
From time to time, there may be some specific instances where exclusions apply either as a result of specific government legislation or partner decisions.

The information below, highlights some examples of exclusions specified by our Partners though the best place to see these is in the Partners page of the App

Applicable to all partners
Giftcards or Vouchers
Cash withdrawls at either point of sale or Partner ATM machine

Amazon Exclusions:
Subscription services e.g. Prime
AmazonPay payments not listing the merchant
Amazon Web Services transactions

Apple Exclusions:
Subscription services e.g. iCloud Storage
iTunes Purchases
ApplePay payments not listing the merchant
InApp or AppStore purchases

Subscription services e.g. Deliveroo PLUS

Just Eat
Just Eat Subscriptions services

Spends on instore or online concessions
Financial services offered by Sainsbury's Bank and
Government subsidised lines such as baby milk

How can you tell what is my trolley or basket?

Upside works with our partners to match your OpenBanking transaction to your actual partner purchase as we don't know what is in your trolley or basket
The Cashback partner will advise Upside if any exclusions apply by means of an amended amount at which point Upside will pay Cashback on that amount
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