Having email account verification issues?

If you're having issues receiving or using a verification email, read the info below to help resolve common causes of this. This should help solve this for you but you can always get in touch if not:

Some basics

The email verification link will only work on the same device you have the Upside App installed on.
The verification email contains a 'token' which is only valid for a short period of time (3 minutes), so you need to request, receive and then click the link in the email within this time.
If you request more than one verification email, the 'token' will be replaced in any previous verification emails you've requested so it's best to request one email and wait for it to come through to your inbox.

Not receiving a verification email at all?

Some email providers will block the verification email or route it to your Spam folder
Check to see if the emails are landing in your spam folder.
If the email isn't making it through to your inboxes at all, you will need to 'white list' Upside as a contact. This is usually possible to do in your email account settings. If it's not clear please reach out to your email provider.

I'm receiving the verification email but the link doesn't take me back the app when I click it

In very occasional instances the link in the verification email may fail to link back to the Upside App.
If this is happening, please log in to your email account via a Safari webpage on your device.
Then request a verification email via the Upside app and click the link in the email when opened in the Safari webpage.

Still having issues?

Get in touch on a live chat via the ? symbol in the app, our website home page or email at [email protected]
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