NOT LINKED A UK BANK ACCOUNT OR ONLY LINKED A CREDIT CARD? - This method will require some manual intervention for you to withdraw savings and will require you to send us some information as part of UK Anti-Money Laundering regulations. Requests received from a non registered Upside email address will be disregarded. Your registered email address can be found in the Personal Info section of the Settings page within the Upside App.

Please send and email from your registered Upside email address to [email protected] with the subject - "Request to withdraw savings"
Please include a scanned copy or photo of your bank statement dated within the last 14 days of your request clearly showing
Your Name and Surname
Your current residential - address must match the address on your Upside account - If this does not - please
Please ensure your sort code and account number is visible
Please copy the following line into the body of your email

I, <Full Name > of <Address> hereby confirm that I am the account holder of the following UK Bank Account , <sort code>, <account number> as outlined in the attached and request Upside to transfer the following amount via FPS withdraw <£ x.xx> from my Upside account to the aforementioned specified account.
Once we receive this request, we will process your withdrawal and aim to transfer your funds within 24 hours - Monday to Thursday inclusive - with Friday being the last payday in the week.

Withdrawal requests received on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays will be dealt with on the next working day.
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