The following steps outline how to withdraw money from your Upside Account. Upside pays your withdrawl back into your linked bank account via the UK Faster Payment Services (FPS)
This payment method is used by most UK banks
In most cases, this means money will be back in your account almost immediately but can take up to 2 hours

PLEASE NOTE: DUE to UK Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations, Upside is required by Law to identify where funds are transferred to. As our aspiration is to make saving and receiving cashback as frictionless as possible, we provide you with the ability to link a UK Bank Account to your Upside account - which automatically take cares of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) AML requirements at the time you wish to withdraw some of your savings. If you have linked an account, follow the steps outlined in the LINKED BANK ACCOUNT section below, else if not, see NOT LINKED A UK BANK ACCOUNT below

LINKED BANK ACCOUNT - This method is the most frictionless way for you to withdraw your funds
NOT LINKED A UK BANK ACCOUNT / ONLY LINKED A CREDIT CARD? - This method will require some manual intervention and will require you to send us some information as part of AML Checking. Requests received from a non registered Upside email address will be disregarded. Your registered email address can be found in the Personal Info section of the Settings page within the Upside App.

Your money paid back to your bank account will show on your bank statement as UpsideSavingCredit

There are no fees or limits for withdrawing money from your Upside account
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